If you missed out on what Playstation Vue is, you might want to check it out. It is for real, honest-to-goodness, internet television. If you’ve ever imagined cable TV, but with all the perks of online resources and DVR recording, but without having to contact your cable TV guy, then that’s Playstation Vue. And you get it now on Amazon devices as well, with Chromecast in the pipeline.

Good news for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners – you will now be able to use Sony’s internet television mojo even if you don’t own a Sony PS3 or PS4. The app is now installable on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. From there, you can now be privy to PlayStation Vue’s nationwide offerings, such as SHOWTIME and Fox Soccer Plus, or even get multi-channel packages available in your area.


There’s even a promo available, if you availe of Playstation Vue’s Core or Elite packages – this entitles you to a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. Pretty cool, Sony. Playstation Vue’s Core and Elite packages are now on holiday mode, which means lower prices for all of us. The Core package is USD$54.99 (from $59.99) and Elite is now available for USD$64.99 (from $69.99).

Another exciting factoid from this announcement is that Sony is making this service available for the Google Chromecast. That means Sony is casting its net far and wide for this internet TV service, and people are starting to notice it.

SOURCE: Sony Playstation