I bet you didn’t see this one coming. It appears that there’s another review (a full review, if you speak Taiwanese, or whichever brand of Taiwanese they’re using on ePrice where the review is done. This review has some fantastically sharp high-res photographs to accompany two oddly located videos (the videos shown below.) I’ve decided their location choices are due to the lighting offered in both. To each their very own!

We’re getting pretty pumped up about this fabulous object, especially since it’ll more than likely be released at the ever so excellent Barcelona-located Mobile World Congress. We’ll be there, and specifically yours truly will be running full speed through the doors looking left and right for the device until I see it, at which point I’ll be furiously clicking pics for you, the Community. Take a peek at these two videos and wonder at the environment. Also take a peek at the couple images below in the gallery.

Again the full review is over at ePrice.

[Via MobileSyrup]