If you play a lot of Playstation games, chances are you’re involved in the various Communities within that world that allows other players to keep in touch with their fellow gamers and know more about the games that they’re playing in the process. And now Sony has actually launched an app called, what else, Playstation Communities so that gamers everywhere can now access whichever community they have joined even while on their mobile devices. The app is now available from the Google Play Store.

Basically, you can do on the app what you’re able to do on Playstation Communities on your desktop. You can search for communities relevant to your gaming life. You can get in touch and interact with other members who share the same passions and interests as you, at least when it comes to the console games that you like to play. If you’re having difficulties in some parts of the game, this is where you can ask for help as well.

Within the app, you can search through all the available communities and join the ones you’re not yet part of. You’ll be able to receive the message of the day and a sort of timeline of your various groups in the Community wall. You can set up your app to give you notifications on your mobile device for the various activities in your communities. The app’s design makes it easy for you to post text and images that you want.

You can download Playstation Communities from the Google Play Store for free. You would need a Sony account to be able to join communities and use this app as well.


SOURCE: Playstation