The only reason you will have a PlayStation app installed is if you are a PlayStation 4 gamer, and you like to keep tabs on your progress – and the progress of your friends – in certain games. But to tell you the truth, the app was a bit klunky to use before, and a redesign was totally in order. This just happened.

Sony has announced that it has redesigned the PlayStation app to make it easier to use. Upon entering the app, you will certainly notice the new tabs at the bottom of the screen. These tabs are for popular features such as What’s New, Friends, and your Profile. These tabs make it easier to switch between viewing profiles and looking at the latest activities of your friends.

The app has also made it easier to access the PlayStation Store from your phone. You can also do voucher code redemption, which is pretty easy now. There’s also a list of new and upcoming PlayStation 4 games available for you, if you tap the new blue PlayStation button at the bottom.

So if you want to experience the new app, you need to update your current app to the latest version. That’s easy enough. Then tell us if you like the new redesigned app or not.



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