PlayOn has officially announced support for the Chromecast, and this includes both sides, PlayOn and PlayLater. This means PlayOn users are now able to stream the more than 100 available channels to their Chromecast. The channel lineup includes the basics such as ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as many others such as Hulu and YouTube.

While the Chromecast support is available, there may be a bit more to this setup (as compared to some of the other Chromecast supported apps). You will need the PlayOn app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Your mobile device will serve as a remote control and TV guide, but you will also need a PC.

PlayOn is priced at $29.99 per year. Alternatively, those looking to make a lifetime commitment also have the option to pay $59.99. Some features that can be expected with PlayOn and PlayLater include the ability to record online content and then watch those recordings offline. You can also stream and record in HD quality. Of course, one of the main perks is the 100 (plus) channel lineup.

Ultimately though, this is just another in the growing lineup of apps and services offering support for Chromecast. Just in the recent past we’ve seen news from doubleTwist, MLB.TV, YouTube, Aereo, Rhapsody, and more. Make sure to keep an eye on the Chromecast tag here on Android Community for news as it happens.

SOURCE: Business Wire


  1. I bought the lifetime subscription. However, it isn’t working for me. SYFY, Pandora, and HBO GO quickly loads to 100% and then it just reads as ‘loading’. Closing the program and launching any of these programs natively pushes the content almost instantaneously to my chromecast. I tried using this with both my LG G2 and my Nexus 7 2013. Both experienced the same issues.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with this program. I’ll probably ask for a refund.


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