HBO content can be tough to get hold of. You need a subscription to HBO for he HBO GO app to matter much, and that doesn’t come without heavy caveats from the cable company. For US customers, the Play Store was a source for content, as we could readily purchase shows, starting at $2.99. Starting today, the UK Play Store will also have HBO content, with no interruption on availability.

From Game of Thrones to Boardwalk Empire, all the HBO content from the US Play Store is available. The pricing is similar to purchasing the seasons on Blu Ray or DVD, saving your he trouble of dealing with hard copies. Once you purchase it, it’s yours forever, and always available.

Play Movies & TV should be loaded onto your device, so keep that in mind when purchasing content. YouTube integration of TV shows is spotty, so we can’t recommend that you simply access purchased content that way. Most devices probably have Play Movies & TV already, but just keep that in mind when you start snatching up episodes of True Blood.

We only wish the Chromecast was widely available, as it would be a great workaround for UK customers who would rather watch on the big screen. For those on the go, this is still a great option, and it makes the Nexus 7 that much more useful this holiday season.