For the Android platform, some might say that, even now, the gaming situation is dire. Even if big names like Angry Birds have made an appearance in the Market as of late, and heavy-hitters like OpenFeint have brought social aspects into the mix, the Android platform is still waiting to have a laundry list of titles ready to go in the Market. It looks like, beginning in 2011, the Market will see the high-profile game list increase by one more, as PopCap Games’ classic Plants vs Zombies is heading to Android.

And, this isn’t just a rumor about something that may happen eventually. This update comes from PopCap Games’ Development Director, Sameer Baroova, who was speaking with PocketGamer. Baroova apparently felt pressure to inform fans that the game was heading to Android due to the fact that the game has already been confirmed for the still fledgling Windows Phone 7.

Plants vs Zombies sees you defending your house from a zombie apocalypse, all thanks to the plants that you deposit into your backyard. The game is a tower defense title of sorts, and molds great graphics with addictive game play in a fun way. There’s no confirmation of a date quite yet, but considering 2011 is just around the corner, we don’t have too long to wait.

Oh, and as an extra, Baroova also confirmed that Peggle will be coming to Android around the same time as Plants vs Zombies.

[via PocketGamer]