PopCap Games has been pretty quiet in terms of Plants vs. Zombies 2 details. A short while back they opened up a little bit and had said the game was going to be released sometime in the early summer. As of today however, it looks like we now have a tiny bit more in terms of detail. Basically, PopCap Games has confirmed the game will be released in July.

They have yet to say anything about platforms. Of course, we are expecting Plants vs. Zombies 2 to arrive for Android. Not to mention the various other platforms the original is available on. We only hope that PopCap Games has the game available for all platforms at the same time. Otherwise, nothing specific was given in terms of a date.

The July confirmation comes by way of a recently released teaser trailer. The catch with the trailer, aside from providing for a few laughs, there is no gameplay footage shown. Basically, the trailer is a supercut that consists of a handful of internet celebrities and fans. On the bright side, the end does reveal the new artwork, which can be seen above and in the video sitting below.

While we certainly hope some additional details are revealed soon, judging from how PopCap Games has been moving forward with this — we suspect we will see more teasing before anything else. After all, we have been hearing about a Plants vs. Zombies sequel for quite some time now and it was only recently that the “early summer” timeframe was even mentioned. Anyone still playing the original? Or maybe more accurately, anyone replaying the original?

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