Who says plants and zombies cannot fall in love? Well the mortal enemies might be constantly trying to kill each other on your mobile devices, but at least this Valentine’s day, they can show each other how much they really care. The Plants vs Zombies 2 Valenbrainz Hug-a-thon is a themed event that obviously wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day for our undead and/or sunshine-loving friends.

The makers of this truly addictive mobile game don’t shy away from theming up the Plants vs Zombies world everytime there’s a very special occasion. Of course February is all about the hearts and cupids and lovey-dovey stuff, and being dead is not an exemption.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll stop trying to kill zombies with plants, but this time, we can kill them with kindness, or rather, heart-themed weapons like rose petals and all. The zombies are also still trying to eat our brains, but this time, they’ll be in full Valentine’s attire, trying to distract you by being cute (well, as cute as they can be).

The Valenbrainz event for Plants vs Zombies 2 should be arriving at your device in a few hours and will be available until the end of February 14. After that, it’s back to all-out war once again with our favorite brain-eating friends. If you don’t have PvZ 2 on your mobile devices yet (where have you been???), you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. There are in-app purchases, so better watch your spending.

DOWNLOAD: Play Store
VIA: DroidGamers