EA Games has just pushed out a massive update to celebrate 150 million downloads of Plants vs Zombies 2. In this Far Future expansion, players will be faced with the zombies of tomorrow, but in return, they will be also be able to grow their own zombie-slaying minions.

As the name implies, Far Future drags the zombies from the future to menace your lawn in the present. As always, these new enemies have more than just stylistic differences from their other incarnations. These zombies all have their own futuristic abilities that could make the game a bit more challenging. Luckily, new help is also available. That is, if you’re into a bit of gardening.


The update brings back Zen Garden, a popular game mechanic introduced in the first Plants vs. Zombies. Here, you can grow your own vegetation to later take into the battlefield. You can even employ the assistance of the Zen Garden Bee to speed things up a bit.

With this zen garden also comes new allies that are especially effective against the new hi-tech zombies. These include the orange Citron that does damage to Mech zombies and E. M. Peach that stops the same type of undead in their tracks. Infi-nut can block attacks from Jetpack Zombies while Blover can, well, blow them away.


These and other amusingly named plants are all yours to grow and use in the updated Plants vs Zombies 2, which you can download below. Of course, new Power Tiles and Plant Foods are also available to give you an advantage for the right price.

Donwload: Plants vs. Zombies (North America), (Rest of the World)