If you’re like most people (well at least those who are keenly interested in traveling), you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your next travel destination or dreaming about your travel bucket list. Well if you’re ready to put your passport where your heart is, then do the actual planning and not just dreaming. Google wants to make it fairly easy on you with Destinations on Google, especially if you’re glued to your mobile device’s small screen, even when planning a trip.

Instead of just simply Googling stuff and getting dizzy with all those links and most of them are not mobile optimized probably, you can now just use Google Search and all the “heavy lifting” so to speak will be done by the search engine. You can search for the continent, country, or state that you’re planning to go to and then add the word “destination”. Instead of just links, you will be shown a collection of options that are pretty easy to browse through. More importantly, you will already be shown a bunch of options for flights and hotel accommodations so all you have to do is scroll and compare.




You can even filter all those options so you can refine your search by month or choose the range of your dates simply by scrolling and you will see which dates are cheaper to fly you there. You get an instant calculation of the flights and hotel rates as well. Even planning where to go and what to do can be taken care of by some suggested places based on your interests and hobbies, as well as suggested itineraries based on what are the most popular things to do in the area you’re looking at.




All these new features in Destinations on Google should be appearing on your mobile devices. If you aren’t seeing it yet, or for some, not all the features show up just yet, then be patient. Soon, you’ll be able to plan that dream destination on your smartphone while waiting in line for coffee.

SOURCE: Google