Battery problem solutions are very much needed when smartphones are always running out of juice since we’re playing games, working, social networking, etc when mobile. More and more crowd-funded products are showing up in the market, all with the aim of becoming the next big thing in battery solutions. Our nominee for today is Plan V, a portable charger for emergency cases when your battery case or your power bank just won’t work.

Plan V is just small enough to put on your keyring so it’s literally handy. And you don’t need to constantly charge it as it is powered by 9 volt batteries, which you can buy at any convenience store. That also means you will not run out of juice to charge your smartphone, as long as you have spare batteries in your bag.

This product came out of the developers’ personal experience when their back up batteries failed them when they were in a remote area in Bogota, Colombia and they were hopelessly lost when trying to find their hostel. They had to go through a few close calls, but when they eventually survived, they decided to create a “failsafe charging device” that will not just keep you in contact but can also keep you safe in emergency situations.

The developers of the device are trying to raise $30,000 to be able to create and distribute the charger. If you believe in a product like Plan V, then head on over to their Kickstarter page to be able to support them and you have 25 days to do so.

SOURCE: Kickstarter



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