It is a shame I didn’t know this app was released yesterday because it sure would have came in handy. I was running errands and trying to hurry and get pizza in time for the Miami vs Bulls NBA Playoff game, I had to hurry and call it in and go through all that hassle. This was just yesterday, and now Pizza Hut has released an easy, and convenient app for Android to allow just that, ordering pizza on the go right from your android phone for delivery or pickup. I go a little hands-on today, just a few hours late.

I went ahead and took a few photos of the app for you all to see just how quick and easy it is to order Pizza Hut with Android. It is something I’ve always wanted and seen friends with those “other” smartphones do in the past. It is quick, easy, smooth and very well made. It has a great user interface and with the flick of a finger you can scroll to S, M, or L sizes, as well as scroll through the thumbnails of topping. I’ll go for some meat-lovers myself.

Start screen you can sign into your account so all your past orders and address are ready to go for easy ordering, or just get right to “Start an Order”

Delivery or Carryout, and choosing your location by zip code sure is easy.

One of my favorite features online is conveniently added to the app, and that is “Previous Orders” as I usually order the same thing on game days or sporting events for the group. It is one click away.

Without getting to involved here because after all this is only a pizza app, here is how you select the topping you would like with the flick of your finger the top scrolls through all your choices. It is pretty, animated, and has actual images of the toppings. Overall it is a nice touch, I like it.

So for those that absolutely love pizza go ahead and get this app in the Android Market right now and start ordering some pizza on the fly. We get pizza a few times a month so I’ll be sure to use this app plenty. When the NBA Championship time comes I’ll be ordering my usual party pack that is saved in my account. Get the Pizza Hut App by clicking here.