The Pixel Stand is a wireless charger stand that can turn your Pixel device into a sort of Google Assistant-powered Smart Display. And with Android 11 already rolling out and the Pixel 5 starting to be available to more locations, an update is coming to the Pixel Stand that will make it even more useful. It will bring something that is one of the biggest features of the Android 11 update, a menu to make your device a control system for your smart devices.

According to 9 to 5 Google, an update to the Pixel Stand has started rolling out, bringing it to version The main new thing with the wireless stand is something called “home controls” which seems to be similar to the power menu that the Android 11 will bring to supported smartphones. It will give you access to the most commonly used smart home devices and have access to the controls to these devices.

You can get started with the new home controls by going to the Settings and tapping Connected Devices. You should be able to see Pixel Stand in the list and then from there, you’ll see the new Home Control feature at the bottom of the list of features. Toggle on the connected devices and then choose the Google account connected to your Google Home. You can then choose the devices that use most often.

There are different categories of devices that you can choose from and it’s divided into categories like Lights, Thermostats, Fans, Vacuums, etc. You can choose up to four devices that you’ll be able to access quickly in the Home Controls. You will be able to offer quick controls like turning devices on/off, adjusting temperatures and speeds, and other controls that you may use with these smart devices.

Once you’ve favorited these devices, you’ll be then to use the Pixel Stand like any smart display with its always-on display when your smartphone is docked. The update seems to only be compatible with Pixel devices running on Android 11 so you’ll have to wait until you get the newest Android update before seeing and using home controls.