Google Pixel Phone Battery

The Pixel phones Google releases each year arrive with the latest Android version out of the box. Pixel devices are mainly being used to test whatever new Android OS build is being developed. Like right now, the new Android 12 Beta are being tested as they run on Pixel phones and select Android devices. There are still many things to discover and test but right now, we’re learning the Pixel phone battery life can be further optimized with a neat trick.

The new battery health feature is now available on Android 11. It’s something that is always a concern of consumers–battery life. Charging is faster now but such may lower the capacity faster than expected. To improve on this area, the Google developers have worked on a way to stop charging as this will not degrade the battery fast.

When battery reaches 80%, the Pixel phone’s system will automatically stop. With this step, the Pixel phone battery may improve. You may extend your phone’s battery life if you know how to manage it.

Feel free to manage your Pixel phone battery by frequently checking the batter level. You can charge your phone the correct way. Charge it with the power adaptor that came out of the box. You can still wirelessly charge using a proper Pixel Stand and other Qi-compliant devices.

You can also use Battery Saver and Extreme Battery Saver and turn off ‘Optimise for battery health’ temporarily. When you can make changes that will extend battery life of your Pixel phone, please do so. You can stretch a low battery’s power yourself and take advantage of Adaptive Battery and battery optimization on. Fix issues with your Pixel phone battery if you discover them.


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