Pixel 2 XL Launcher Mods

Many Android users are happy with the Pixel Launcher. As with any other app launchers we know, this one has also received a number of important changes and additions. On its own, it’s already useful and efficient but one XDA developer (sharkie405) isn’t content with it so he has added some modifications to best suit the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The two phones already have the Google Launcher and the most recent update adds new features and improves the items available.

Some of the updates include removal of the following: text from home screen icons, text from app drawer icons, page indicator, and the home screen app drawer up arrow. You won’t see those things from now on but you will notice two new rows of icons to the home screen. Icons are made smaller while you can now see the colored Google G in the search bar.

If you own a Pixel with Taimen 8.1 Developer Preview 1, you have to root it first if you want to install the launcher. The version shared over on XDA forum is already the modified launcher. Make sure you understand rooting. Grant root access to MiXplorer and you will see a prompt right away. Access the /system partition for it to appear.

Here are the steps to proper installation as provided by the XDA dev:

• Extract the APK from the zip file
• Using your favorite root file explorer make /system/priv-app/NexusLauncherPrebuilt rw (read-write)
• Copy the APK from the ZIP into /system/priv-app/NexusLauncherPrebuilt, overwriting the existing APK
• Reboot your phone

VIA: XDA (1),(2)