The Google Pixel Launcher has been receiving new features on Android 11 ever since it was announced. It’s not just a simple security update but a major change to the platform. Instead of Android R, it’s now called Android 11. We’ve listed some features but we’re discovering more each week. So far, we know about the Quick Settings music player, new Notification, Battery Share menu, and reverse wireless charging. We also noted that a special feature of naming a folder can be done automatically.

The last feature we mentioned has finally dropped even if Android 11 isn’t widely available yet. This means it can also work on a Pixel 4 running Android 10. The Pixel Launch can name folders based on the apps that are inside so things are more organized.

It is mainly for a more efficient organization and easier access. So when you group apps related to messaging, the folder may be named as ‘messages’. Other apps may be filed under ‘productivity’ or ‘social’ among others. The device may be using AI to determine the category but it’s not perfect yet. There may be times that no suggestions will be provided.

Don’t be irked if the folder name isn’t capitalized. It’s a minor oversight but we hope will be fixed soon to fully consider such action as automation.

The Pixel Launcher update is available from APK Mirror. It doesn’t just work on the Pixel 4 as it also works on a Pixel 3XL. Some other changes include improvements to the local app search as it starts checking out for information.