One of the things that Google prides itself when it comes to its Pixel devices is the quality of pictures that you can take on its camera. It took them three years but they’re finally showcasing photographs taken with Pixel devices through an Instagram account that they’ve opened. While the account itself if very pretty, the good news is that there are easter eggs hidden in some posts that might let you win a Pixel 2 smartphone (sorry, not a Pixel 3).

The Instagram account @googlepixel looks like a sort of art gallery in mosaic form. For now, there are only 100 photos made up of 414 posts in the account and they have all been carefully placed and curated to show off these scenes supposedly taken with a Pixel device. You’ll have to look at the account as a whole to appreciate it and not just the individual posts.

It looks like they will also be featuring crowdsourced photos later on as they use the hashtag #teampixel, which is a popular hashtag for those who have been showing off their mobile photography skills using a Pixel smartphone. It says it’s only the beginning so expect users to be featured in the account soon. So maybe you can start taking artsy or fun or beautiful photos now and hope you’ll be chosen.

But the fun part of this account is that there are actually easter eggs hidden in some of the posts, especially those labelled as galleries. When you click on the post and scroll through the items in the gallery (which are mostly colors), when you get to the end, you’ll get a chance to join a Pixel 2 giveaway. All you have to do is like the post and maybe comment on it. Winners will be DM-ed by Google on October 4.

Google is probably giving away the Pixel 2 devices since the announcement of the new Pixel is imminent. On October 9, Google is expected to announce the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL among other products.

SOURCE: Google


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