Google is finally bringing Google Doodles to more places. Previously we told you about the special events themed pics and animated interpretation of the Google logo showing up on the Discover feed of the Google app. But now it looks like you’ll be seeing it in your home screen’s search bar. Well, that is, if you have a Pixel smartphone. There is no word yet though if it will show up in other home screen search bars in other Android devices.

If you have a Pixel smartphone, take a look at your home screen’s search bar. Usually, you probably just see a white bar with the multi-colored Google logo on the left. But if the server side update has already rolled out to you, you might have noticed a small, animated flower growing out of the logo. That’s the special Google Doodle that signals the start of spring which was actually last March 20.

Google Doodles are usually pretty cute and sometimes even interactive, depending on what we’re celebrating or commemorating. So it’s nice to see them in other places other than our browser. But there may also be those that don’t want the doodles to show up on their screen. You can tap and hold the bar and then tap on the “Searchbox effects” slider to disable it and not see the doodles anymore. You go back to your boring ole’ Google logo.

Should you want it back, just go back and enable it again. Those of us who don’t have Pixel devices, however, will have to be satisfied with going to to see whatever Google has come up with on special occasions.

VIA: The Verge