Pixel Buds A Series Update

The Pixel Buds A series earbuds are getting an update. It will include new features and enhancements for the earbuds that work with most Android 6.0+ mobile devices. After the software update, you can customize the bass and improve bass and treble even at lower volume. You may also notice improved device switching. The changes will be delivered with firmware update version 282. Make sure you enable the “Nearby devices” permission. The Pixel Buds app will ask you this prompt: “Allow Pixel Buds to find, connect to, and determine the relative position of nearby devices?”. Click “Allow”.

The improved device switching is possible as the Pixel Buds A-Series can search and connect to the second to last phone. This happens only if the last connected host is no longer available or when undocked from the charging case.

The Sound Settings now shows a toggle on-off for the lower volume levels. This lets you improve the treble and bass at a lower volume level.

Bass customization is possible with a slider with the Pixel Buds app. The result is twice the bass range. This works with devices running at least Android 6. Feel free to decrease or increase base levels.

The Pixel Buds A series update will be available in the coming days and weeks. Expect stability improvements and bug fixes as well.

Interestingly, you can update the earbuds manually. There is the manual option as sighted by a source on his Pixel 6 Pro. Check the Bluetooth menu and see if there is the ‘Firmware update available – Tap to start’ option.