Pixel 6 Pro Teardown

The Pixel 6 series is still a popular subject. Despite the several issues that have been surfacing the past weeks, we believe Google has a potential winner in the new Pixel 6 phones. A recent teardown of the Pro variant revealed Google’s genius to ease repairability. The phone also survived a standard durability test. Over the weekend, more teardown videos have surfaced. Thanks to IFixit and JerryRigEverything for doing the honor. It is generally repairable but still has a lot to prove in the mobile industry.

The Pixel 6 isn’t perfect but Google could have done better in some areas. The glass back may be easily destroyed but it’s something that can be prevented –just use a phone case.

The main display is also critical but removing it can be easy. The phone isn’t exactly modular but JerryRigEverything said it can be easily repaired. With some heat on the adhesive, you can separate the display from the body.

You may need to be careful in removing the display ribbon though. It can be difficult but keep in mind there is a lego-style connector so it will be easier once you identify its position.

According to IFixit, Google did something right on the Pixel 6 series. There are clips holding the screen in place apart from the clue. This is good so repair guys can just clip the display back even without any adhesive.

One of the few issues discovered though has something to do with the battery pull tab. It doesn’t offer anything helpful. The USB-C port seems soldered so it may be a challenge to remove.

The new Pixel 6 series is alright, at least, in terms of repairability. We’re hoping Google will continue with this direction until a very worthy Pixel phone hits the market.