Google Pixel 6 series is coming next month with Tensor SoC under the hood, that much is already confirmed in every possible way. Now just in time to steal Apple’s thunder, the Tensor processor benchmarks – onboard the Pixel 6 Pro – have appeared on Geekbench listing, with the CPU and other details. Though the numbers on sight are not as convincing, but we can consider that this is a pre-production model for now and the final numbers could be much different.

This is really for the first time that we are learning – however convincing it is – about the technical prowess of Google’s own chipset. The chipset co-developed by Samsung is surfaced on Geekbench and the listing gives us early details of which way the next smartphone from Google is progressing.

The Geekbench listing has revealed 414 single-core scores and 2074 multi-core scores. These numbers are frankly not what we would have expected. But it’s the CPU setup that is more unconventional here. The listing shows two cores running at 2.80GHz, a similar number running at 2.25GHz. Four efficient cores are also mentioned running at 1.80GHz.

From this detail, we can decipher that Google will be packing four Cortex-A78 cores grouped in pairs and four Cortex-A55 cores. In other details from the listing, we see that the Pixel 6 Pro will pack 12GB of RAM.

These are early details about the Tensor SoC’s technical aspects and things are definitely going to be different. How things will unfold as we close in on the launch of the phone scheduled for next month, time will tell, but we will be here to keep you updated with all the progress.


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