Google Pixel 6 Concept Image

This is the first time we’re mentioning Pixel 6 and we can expect more related information will be leaked. Before the Pixel 6, there may still be the Pixel 5a. But we’d like to focus on the Pixel 6 more because it will be Google’s flagship offering for this year. Not that the Pixel 5a is unimportant but it’s only a mid-range phone. We’re more curious as to how the tech giant plans to make a difference and meet the expectations of the public especially when it comes to the flagship category.

The Pixel devices recently received the March 2021 security update with bug fixes. It was mentioned some Pixel phones were affected by a strange camera issue. The update rollout is very much welcome and with it comes some interesting information about future phones.

According to a source, some details were sighted in the APK of the latest Camera app. There is a reference to “Oriole” and “Raven”. It can be assumed they are the Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a, respectively.

As per the code, the Pixel 6’s selfie camera will be placed on the top-middle of the display. The Pixel 5a’S hole punch size will be smaller like the Pixel 6.

The change in position will also affect the position of other icons in the status bar. As for the Pixel 5a camera, it will look more similar to the Pixel 4a 5G with almost the same hole punch feature, size, shape, and rear camera bump.


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