Google Pixel 6 USB Charing Problem

The new Pixel 6 from Google is probably one of the more controversial flagships out in the market today. It’s not exactly a bad phone but the Pixel 6 series arrived with several issues. In recent weeks, we have heard several issues and problems including the charging capped at lower speeds, the fingerprint reader issue, and the display flickering. Some problems have been fixed already but we believe there may be more that will be reported.

The latest issue reported has something to do with charging. Apparently, some Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro units are not charging. The problem occurs on some chargers and cables. Even if the phones are working, they won’t charge especially when used with a generic USB-C cable or charger.

The issue is mainly on the quality of the cable and charger. This makes sense especially if a cable is not USB PD compliant.

Google already said this may happen- that the phone “might not work” with some cables. This could just be to protect the battery. The USB-C has certain specs and requirements that some cables or chargers don’t actually meet.

Any low-quality USB-C accessory has limits so this should not come as a surprise. It doesn’t just happen on the Pixel 6 but other phones as well. This can be considered as proper protection for the battery and the phone. But then again this shouldn’t be happening if Google included a charger with the phone.