Pixel 6 fingerprint reader problem

Another day, another issue concerning the Pixel 6. It’s not something we want to hear but we’re guessing it’s normal for any new phone to surface with some minor issues. There was that display flickering problem and the fingerprint reader issues. Apparently, fingerprint enrolment has started to fail after the last security update on the Pixel 6 Pro. Some have reported the failure happened after being fully discharged. Being fully discharged means battery running out.

Some reports also mentioned the fingerprint reader also stopped showing up on the display. There are users who also reported the fingerprint profile missing from the settings. This happens even when the enrolment was previously finished.

The device even suggests to use a different finger or try again so enrolment will be completed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The fingerprint scanner has completely stopped working.

A few other troubleshooting ideas have been presented: Factory Reset, Safe Mode, Changing Animator Scale in Developer Options, and clearing Cache on the Pixel Launcher, Settings, and Settings Services. It’s not clear if these steps work on all affected Pixel units but there should be no problem.

Plenty of Pixel 6 Pro owners shared their similar experiences but we can’t say if the problem is widespread. It appears to be a bug that we hope will be fixed immediately as it can be troublesome.

The issue is now on the Google Issue Tracker so we’re hoping Google will release a statement or official fix. Let’s wait and see.