Google Pixel 6 Series Updates At a Glance

There is no official announcement yet but Google is expected to release a slew of updates for both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. Mainly, the At a Glance feature will get a major upgrade. New and more features will be added and will probably improve on the Pixel Launcher. Some details were gathered from an APK of the Google app that was recently decompiled. It’s the latest version of the app found on the Google Play Store.

The APK has revealed different lines that point to updates and upcoming features. Just because it’s included in the code, it doesn’t always mean Google will officially release the change. It may just be part of beta testing.

There may be updates that won’t work properly so they may not be included in the next big release. Possible updates may include traffic and ETA, Current weather info, Severe weather alerts, Flights from Gmail, Calendar events and reminders, and Calendar events and reminders from work profile.

The following new features and updates may also be introduced: Shopping lists and Google Pay rewards cards while in supported stores, upcoming bedtime from the Clock app, connection status and battery info of Bluetooth devices, doorbell information like who’s at the door, and activity info from your fitness app. With the update, you may receive a reminder when flashlight is on, safety check countdown from the Personal, and timer and stopwatch info from the Clock app.

At a Glance will soon be integrated with more apps. Google has been working on this one. Other Pixel phones may also get this set of updates after Pixel 6 so let’s just wait and see.