Google Pixel 4 Pixel 4 XL Camera Features

The next set of Google Pixel 4 details we learned has something to do with the camera. The tech giant is known for coming up with great camera software although with some issues. We won’t dwell on the past problems but we’re looking forward to the next-gen Pixel 4 especially since the Google Camera 7.0 app has been leaked. We don’t have access to the app right now but the features have been revealed by the app. More related leaks about the upcoming Pixel 4 series only mean the new Google phones are almost ready.

The Pixel 4 phones are only being tested but we’ll focus on the Google Camera app for now. Early camera features surfaced like better Wide-Angle selfies, Audio Zoom, and Live HDR. Now we’ve got information about the other major features like Motion Blur. This one is special as it allows consumers to capture moments of moving subjects while blurring the background. The feature is referenced as “Paneer” in the code.

Another feature is “Night Sight” which is known as “cuttlefish”. Time Lapse is believed to be “cheetah”. There’s also Zero Shutter Lag Night Sight and Astrophotography. The two had something to do with photography in low lighting environments. Astrophotography lets you capture the starry skies.

Live HDR, Mesh Warping, HDR Net are also present. The latter is an algorithm used to apply HDR in real-time. With mesh warping, this can be for the wide-angle selfie shooter. Other special features on the Google Pixel 4 include Audio Zoom, Dynamic Depth Format Support, Photobooth Integration with Playground AR Stickers, Measure Mode, Rewind Mode (“McFly”), and “Rocky”.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Pixel 4 XL Camera comparison:

Our initial verdict? The Pixel 4 offers brighter photos and videos with clear details but the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the clear winner, at least, since the Pixe phone here is only a demo unit. Let’s wait and see for the official Google Pixel 4 XL.


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