Pixel Launcher Editor

Your Pixel 4, 3a, and Pixel 3 launcher can now be customized, thanks to a root mod called the Pixel Launcher Editor. This one was recently shared on XDA for Pixel phone lovers who want to port the apps to other Android devices. From a Pixel device to another Android phone, the Pixel Launch, for example, can be replicated. The launcher is known to be lightweight and yet comes with some of the more important features from goodies. There is only one drawback–you cannot customize the launcher.

A solution to the seeming customizable launcher is available. There is the Pixel Launcher Editor that takes advantage of the Substratum theme and a Magisk module, an XDA Senior Member (@eg1122) developed the launcher editor. It allows anyone who understands development and coding to build own custom that can be applied with Substratum if needed.

Pixel Launcher Editor offers a lot of major features and changes including the removal of drag handle from home screen by default and changes of the folder background color by default. Several options have been provided like the option to change grid layout in home screen and app drawer, option to remove the home screen and app drawer text, and option to change grid layout in home screen and app drawer.

With the Pixel Launcher Editor, you can also remove the search bar from home and app drawer, change folder background, and change folder border and text color, icon size, home screen text color, and icon size. You can also change the app drawer background.

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are receiving the same mod. The older Pixel 3 phones are also getting a separate mod. If you plan on implementing the program, you have to make sure you root and get Substratum and Magisk.