PIxel 3 Google Lens Camera App

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may not be public yet but there are people who have received test units of the new generation phones from Google. The tech giant is expected to include the Google Lens feature that’s been improved to work in real time. This means when you place the phone camera on an object, it will be able to recognize it and then automatically do a certain function. The standard camera app will have the Google Lens, allowing the cam to do some magic.

By “magic” we mean the camera shows an email with a Gmail icon when you view a business card with the Pixel 3 cam. The Google Lens then links to Gmail so you can quickly write and send a new email.

This is just one example but you get the idea: using the Pixel camera to view an object or scene may automatically trigger an action without the need to press a button. It’s in beta though and Google can still make changes before the official build is ready.

The Pixel 2 Google Lens has something similar but you still have to hold down a button for it to work. Eliminating the need to click a button saves data and battery so it’s a nice improvement.

This information was shared by a certain Ishan Agarwal who posted a video on YouTube. The vid has been pulled out but we saw what happened. Try to update your Google Lens to see if such update is available. If it’s not ready, you need to wait for the Pixel 3.

VIA: SlashGear