In terms of groundbreaking flagship features, the Google Pixel 2 may not be able to stand up to the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, or the Huawei Mate 10. But there are Pixel 2 exclusive features that users wish would be on their phones as well. First is the Pixel 2’s powerful Google Camera with HDR+ technology and the nice Portrait Mode feature in terms of photography. The Now Playing ambient music recognition is another one of those nice Pixel 2-only features.

The Google Camera has been ported to other devices already, albeit only to those running a recent Snapdragon flagship chipset. Together with this, the Portrait Mode has also been ported to other devices as well. But the Now Playing feature – the one which uses your Pixel 2’s microphone to recognize whatever music is playing in the background – has so far been untouchable. That is, until a few days ago.

XDA developer “frap129” has been able to port the Now Playing feature to CarbonROM, an AOSP-based ROM for the Pixel 2XL. The developer says that he has had to reverse engineer a lot of proprietary Google code in order to get the feature working on an AOSP ROM, but now the breakthrough is at hand. He is now trying to get the feature working on other devices as well.

The Now Playing feature would be nice to have in other devices, and now that it has been ported to an AOSP ROM, the community must now work to get the feature ported to other devices as well.