In less than a couple of weeks, the latest movie installment to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will be shown in theaters. Fans can get a glimpse of the new adventure if you download the strategy game on your mobile device. It’s not easy being a captain but you have to rule with an iron fist so you can win the war and be well on your way to dominating the ocean again.

The pirate haven is in danger but with you as the ruler, you can prepare your comrades for battle in this pirate war game. You will be facing a lot of sea rovers and supernatural creatures so be prepared.

Captain Jack Sparrow will show you how it is to build an effective fleet, gather more pirates to train, plunder the enemies, and drive into more epic quests. You’re the pirate captain of the Caribbean so go on and see why this game is anticipated not just for its storyline but for the gameplay it offers.

Mobile game has been ready for some time but it’s only now that its developer JoyCity is launching the title worldwide for both Android and iOS.

Download Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War from the Google Play Store