Pinterest saw incredible growth in 2013, with a new info graphic showing the social network’s rise. For the first time ever, Pinterest surpassed email as a sharing medium, and even outpaced Facebook. According to the study, that’s all thanks to the ladies, specifically int he Midwest.

 Of course, Midwestern women also share a touch more than the national average. In terms of total sharing, the dense Northeast wins out, just ahead of the West. The South was last in total sharing for 2013, leaving the Midwest in the middle of the pack. In regard to preferred social channels for sharing, the metrics are interesting.

In the Northeast, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are preferred over all others. The Northeast checks in just behind the West when it comes to Facebook, where email and Google+ also do well. The Midwest loves Pinterest, and comes in third for Facebook shares. The South also loves Pinterest, but also enjoys sharing via Instagram and email. The South, sadly, doesn’t rank tops in any category for social sharing.

If you’re looking for social males, the West is the place to be. Men in the western US shared just over the average, and sharing overall was way up. For Q4 2013, sharing was up 37% over the same time last year, and the numbers also show one more interesting statistic. All sharing was up, save for email, which dropped 11% overall. It looks like we might be ready to turn the corner on email for many things.
VIA: Social News Daily