While not as popular as other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is still considered a juggernaut with more than 70 million users and more than 2 million pins sent everyday. Now, they are making it even more personal as they introduce a few new features that can turn a pin into a conversation between you and a friend or a group chat to talk about a particular pin that you find useful or interesting.

Several months ago, Pinterest introduced the Send a Pin feature which allowed you to send pins to specific friend who you think would find a certain pin helpful. However, other than sending it to them, there wasn’t any kind of interaction between the friends and it was just a give and give relationship. But with the new feature, you and your friend can now talk about the wedding gown that you’re suggesting or the recipe that both of you want to try out. When you send a pin to your friend, a conversation bubble, which kind of looks like the FB chat head appears on the lower left-hand corner (for websites and tablets) or a separate dialogue screen (for smartphones). But if that annoys you or it covers your pins, you can easily get rid of the dialogue box.

Another interesting feature, particularly for friends who enjoy spewing ideas back and forth, is the ability to send pins and messages to more than one person. Family and friends can now collaborate on travel plans, creative pegs for projects or the menu for your next big get-together. Just simply keep on adding names from your contacts when you’re sending a pin.

But since Pinterest is not positioning itself as a messaging app, there are still limitations as to how this messaging feature works. For one, there isn’t a contact list like what you find in most apps like Line or Viber. Also, there isn’t a conversation or messages tab in the app or website and you can only retrieve your existing conversations from the notifications button. If you don’t have Pinterest yet on your device, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Pinterest