The Pinterest Android app has recently been updated. This update has added a few new features and also upped the version number to 1.5. The new features include push notifications, mentions, search and the ability to send a pin to someone. While these additions all seem like they will be welcomed, lets first begin with the notifications.

This one is on the simpler side, basically, those using the Pinterest app on Android will now get a notification when someone comments on a pin or mentions them by name. That of course brings us to the second of the new features — mentions. Moving forward users will be able to mention friends using the @ symbol. The process here should be familiar, just type the @ symbol followed by the persons username.

Next up is the ability to search. The folks at Pinterest have cleverly listed this as being “search…and you shall receive suggestions.” While that seems an interesting way to describe the search feature, it actually describes it rather nicely as the search process does offer suggestions as you type.


Otherwise, the core features remain available. Pinterest is a service (and in this case a mobile app) that allows the user to collect and organize things they find on the web. Some of the use cases including project planning and general inspiration. The app allows you to pin items from the web as well as pin items using your smartphone camera. You can also use the app to browse and explore pins and boards from other users.

All said and done, this looks like an update that should be welcomed by most (if not all) of the current users. The question remains though, will this be enough to convince any new users to jump in and start pinning? With that in mind, those potential new users will be able to find the Pinterest for Android app using this Google Play Store link.

SOURCE: Pinterest Blog