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While the World Wide Web provides information and allows people to experience many things, it can also be stressful with some of the negative things you can read or watch. Pinterest wants to make a difference by giving you some peace and quiet. How is that possible? Compassionate search. Pinterest has announced a special collection of activities suited for the emotional well-being of people. Straight from the app, you can reduce sadness, anxieties, or stress. All you need to do is follow those guided activities suggested by the app.

The activities listed on the app are suggested by Brainstorm experts focused on emotional health. They’re a group of experts from the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation. The devs also sought the wisdom of people from the Vibrant Emotional Health and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The idea is that every activity or practice will help improve the mood of the person. It helps anyone relax and eventually learn self-compassion.

So this isn’t a new kind of Pinterest. Sure, browsing Pinterest can be therapeutic but this new app offers specific instructions to make things easier for people. They can see quotes related to combating stress or work anxiety. It’s not professional care but it can help.

Emotional well-being activities will be suggested especially when someone is searching for anything related to self-harm. Don’t worry, they will still be directed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Pinterest is a source of great ideas and encouragement. Even quotes that are sad are included but the dev team believes it is important worries are addressed. Mental disorder or illness is no joke so it’s better to be more careful.

Pinterest can show compassion and support by providing helpful resources. Its goal has always been to inspire people. It’s a safe place for people and Pinterest wants to remain that way or even improve some more.


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