That Samsung released a Pink edition of the Galaxy S5 comes as no shock. After all, it has done something like that before. But for some strange reason, it now felt the need to justify why it is being launched exclusively to Japan.

Samsung’s premise is that Japan loves pink. Maybe even love is an understatement. This adoration for the color, usually associated with all things cuddly and female (though psychologists my disagree), is seemingly justified by cherry blossoms, which Japan can hardly be blamed for, and Hello Kitty, which we can definitely blame Japan for. Samsung does say that there is really no need for a reason to love something, like pink for example. It just felt that it needs a reason to give a reason. It does have numbers to back it up, or so it says. A survey showed that pink registered as the most popular color for females. In contrast, Samsung has delegated black for males and white for unisex appeal. At least in Japan.

Regardless of Samsung’s motives or excuses, it will be releasing not one, but two pink Galaxy S5 smartphones for the Japanese market, depending on your carrier. Sweet Pink is what you would probably think of as pink, exuding a Soft Metallic Rose color and will be available from NTT DoCoMo. But for those under the KDDI carrier, they have different option. Champagne Pink mixes a bit of gold to give off a Warm Shiny Gold aura.


Other than those two color options, the Galaxy S5 that will be launching in Japan on the 15th of May will still be the same ones that went live in 150 countries simultaneously. It isn’t known, though quite unlikely, if Samsung will ever make these editions available elsewhere for those who love pink but aren’t Japanese or aren’t in Japan.

SOURCE: Samsung