Pinger has announced that after its Android app has been on the market for five months it has been downloaded enough to catch up with the number of downloads of the iPhone app that has been available longer. The company is also talking about version 1.2 that has added more options for free chatting with your friends and coworkers.

Version 1.2 of Pinger Textfree integrates Facebook chat into the app so you can chat with Facebook pals from your Android device. This means that the Textfree user can access Facebook and more from one app when they are in a chatting mood so they don’t have to flip between apps. The app also allows the user to text from their number right from the computer.

“We’re excited to see the rapid growth in Android as a platform,” said Joe Sipher, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Pinger. “The fact that it’s already equal to iOS phone users in a few short months is nothing less than stunning.” You can download Textfree on the Android Market right now.