Your smartphone’s default photo gallery viewer is probably not the most robust of apps and so you look for a third-party app to help you manage your probably tons of photos and videos. QuickPic was one of the more popular ones but when it was bought by notorious Cheetah Mobile, it lost a lot of customers. One of the better alternatives if you’re still in the search for a new one is Piktures, available for free an also ad-free.

It calls itself the “first gesture-based gallery app” that can help you manage all the photos in your Android device. The moment you install it on your smartphone, you’ll be able to view all the photos that are saved on your device. There are three different views you can choose from when browsing your photos. The album view treats all the folders on your phone as a separate album. You can also view photos based on the location (GPS tagging) or the Calendar View, where you can see the photo thumbnails on a calendar.

It also has tons of other features that can be useful for those who like sharing and even just organizing their photos. You can resize the photo and remove the geotagging before sharing it on any messenger app or social network. The user interface is gesture-based so it’s easier to browse and sort. It has a built-in video player and GIF player, plus various options when viewing and sorting. If you also want to protect certain photos or folders, you can do so with a secure PIN.

You can download Piktures from the Google Play Store for free. There are also no ads, unlike what QuickPic has probably become now (knowing Cheetah Mobile).



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