New Zealand-based game developers PikPok Games has recently launched Rival Stars Basketball, a sports game app whose content would probably surprise you. This is not an NBA-type clone app that tries to do what 2K Sports and EA Sports are already doing – rather, the developers mix the genre up. The result is Rival Stars Basketball, which is interesting, to say the least.

PikPok Games says that it tried to mix into the game some elements from card battle games, professional sports management apps, and then some arcade-style gameplay. Pretty ambitious, but it’s at least worth a look for those into sports games.


Upon beginning the game, users will get the chance to create a team of five players – represented by five cards, each with its own attack and defense stats. A user will then take his team into a game versus either AI or another player online and the game moves through the quarters quickly – with some highlights or “Rival Clashes” which will take you to one-on-one action with some arcade style flair.

Rival Stars Basketball is clearly not your normal basketball game app, but it is bringing some new elements into the sports genre that might prove interesting for some people. Then again, it might also flop. Time will tell if PikPok made a good move here. Try the game out and download via the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: PikPok Games