You gotta love the Chinese for coming up with the best mid-range smartphones today. They are also known for bringing to the market some of the best and sometimes most hilarious knockoffs. The latest victim subject is Pikachu as a new merchandise that rides on the popularity of Pokemon Go. We know a lot of people will find this cute but somehow, we feel that the little Pokemon has been violated.

This Pokemon Pikachu Portable USB Phone Charger comes with a meter-long USB cable so you can connect and charge your phone straight to the wall socket. Insert Pikachu’s ears into the socket, connect the cable into its butt, and then straight to the mobile device.

DH Gate currently lists this item for sale. Any fan of the character may want to get this one but honestly, we not sure about getting third-party accessories anymore. We want to know if this one is up to the industry standards first.

The device features a cord multiple attachments so it can work with devices from different brands. DH Gate lists the item for $25.72 but you can get it with a discount if you buy in bulk. We’re not just talking about a few pieces to a dozen when we say bulk, you need to order a minimum of 398 pieces so you can be allowed to buy.

VIA: SoraNews24