It looks like a lot of smartphones now, specifically those from Chinese brands, are aiming to go as bezel-less as possible. While those devices may not be the sturdiest, they do look the shiniest and the prettiest. A new smartphone from ZTE called the Nubia Z9 is laying claim to the least bezel-y phone in the market and based on the device’s leaked images ahead of its launch, it does seem to look that way.

Bezels are there for a reason, and that is mainly to protect our smartphones’ screens and body as well, from damage. But it does take away space from the screen and devices with thin bezels are generally easier on the eyes. OEMs have been noticing that the public is partial to them, and so they are trying to reduce the space they occupy on the screen. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has practically removed it on the sides and extended the device’s functions on to the edge. The Meizu MX4 has also caught people’s attention with its thin bezels and may have set the standards for other smartphones aiming to reach this too.

If the leaked images are to be believed, it looks like ZTE may have achieved this zero bezel model with the Nubia Z9 and its zero border footprint. It also looks like it may have rounded edges, similar to that of the Galaxy S6 edge. The back panel seems to be made of glass, with the camera and dual tone dual LED’s. The home button at the front may be a fingerprint scanner and the whole device has a metal frame.

ZTE has actually announced some members of the ZTE Nubla family: the Nubia Z9 Max and Mini. But the main Nubia Z9 itself remains unconfirmed, if you base it on the official statements of the OEM. Let’s hope there is some truth to those pictures, because it looks like the Nubia Z9 will be a thing of beauty.

VIA: GizmoChina