Those people who are testing out these upcoming Pixel 3 XL smartphones are pretty careless huh? In another “we-now-know-all-about-this-phone” case, someone apparently left their test version of the soon-to-be-launched bigger Pixel device and so now we get another batch of leaked images which look like the other pictures that have been previously leaked. Google might as well just give up and announce the device ahead of time, given we all think we know everything about it anyway.

A Lyft driver found a Pixel left by a rider in the backseat of their car. At first he thought that he just dropped his Pixel 2 in the back but he realized it looked a little different and looked more like the Pixel 3 XL phones he was probably seeing on various tech websites. So before returning it to the owner, he took a few pictures and sent to one of those tech websites as well. This looks like a pre-production unit but the identifying stickers have of course been blacked out.

We don’t really learn anything new from this new images except to confirm what we’ve seen in the past few weeks. It does have that ugly-looking notch in the front and it seems to have a dual camera set-up in the front and a singele one at the back. We also see what looks like a fingerprint sensor at the back and of course the Google logo.

The Pixel 3 XL is probably one of the most leaked devices in the history of leaking devices. This is thanks to someone in Russia apparently selling pre-production Pixel 3 XL in the black market and various other unboxing and testing videos that we’ve seen. While OEMs probably do leaks themselves, what’s happening here is probably not what Google intended.

All will be known when the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are launched early October. We’ll probably see just a few, minor changes from the pre-prodcution units we’ve been seeing so don’t expect any major surprises.

VIA: Android Police