Backup tools, even those limited to photos and videos, abound in Android, and each have their own unique features and selling points. One such app is PhotoSync which not only does away with the need for cables but even skips rather roundabout cloud-based techniques.

Transferring files via cables is almost always the fastest route, but it’s also the most cumbersome. With the prevalence of cloud storage, many have turned to the cloud to provide wireless convenience for storing and backing up their media, at the expense of losing a bit of control and security. PhotoSync tries to combine both worlds by providing wireless transfer but retains security by keeping everything within your own local network.

PhotoSync can transfer photos and videos not only between a mobile device and PC or Mac but even between other mobile devices. Files are transferred in their full sizes with their metadata intact. Users can opt to simply backup their files or actually move them from one device to another. The app is also smart in keeping track of which files have already been transferred before so you are able to optimize time and bandwidth for new photos. And all of this happens over WiFi, whether using a local network or via an ad-hoc mobile hotspot. This ensures that your files do not leak out over the Internet, keeping them safe and secure.

The PhotoSync app is available for free on Android for devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher as well as on other supported platforms. For communicating with computers, users also need the Windows app for PCs running at least Windows XP SP 2 or the Mac app for OS X 10.5 and later.

Download: PhotoSync (Google Play Store), (PC/Mac)