If you are using a device that is capable of capturing Photosphere images, you may want to check out this recently released live wallpaper app. The app is called Photosphere Live Wallpaper and it comes by way of Kittehface Software. Those who pay attention to live wallpaper apps probably recognize the name. This particular live wallpaper app is available by way of the Google Play Store and is free to download and free to use.

This one is rather simple, it will allow you to set your Photosphere images as your live wallpaper. The app includes one example, a beach scene of which you can see a tiny portion of it in the above screen capture. Perhaps more important though, this app comes with the ability to scroll the image as you scroll through home screens or when tilting your handset. The Photosphere Live Wallpaper app is a bit of fun to play around with and the movement is actually dependent on how fast you swipe.

Otherwise, the settings are on the basic side and have an option for the accelerometer behavior and whether or not to allow for 360 degree rotation. For those without a device capable of capturing Photosphere images, there is still some value (and it works with Android 2.2 or later). Basically, you can collect and use Photosphere images that have been posted and shared by others.

If you are not into the Photosphere app but still enjoy live wallpapers — you should head to the Google Play Store and search for apps by Kittehface Software. Many of the available live wallpaper apps come in a free and paid version and just to name a few — there is the Asteroid Belt, Jungle Waterfall, City at Night and KF Hearts as well as Thunderstorm, Snowfall and even Koi.

[via Google Play Store]