If you’re a frequent user of Photoshop Touch and you happen to have a 7-inch tablet lying around, then pay attention to this next bit of news. Adobe has pushed out an update for the photo editor, and one of the biggest features added in this update is support for 7-inch screens. However, just having a 7-inch tablet doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to use Photoshop Touch on it.

That’s because Adobe requires that the resolution of the display be at least 1024×600, so if the resolution of your screen isn’t at least that, you’re out of luck. While support for 7-inch screens is certainly big (especially for the Nexus 7-owning masses), it isn’t the only new feature to be found in this update. For instance, Photoshop Touch users will also be getting two new effects to play around with: Lens Flare and Stamp Pattern.

Adobe has also implemented smoother brush strokes with this update, along with with an improved grid layout for projects. After applying this update, you’ll be able to access shortcuts for the last five colors you used by swiping down on Color. Finally, Adobe has delivered a number of unnamed bug fixes with this update, so if you’ve been experiencing some bugs as you use Photoshop Touch, there’s a chance they’ve been squashed.

All in all, it seems like a pretty good update for Photoshop Touch users. Support for 7-inch screens is obviously something a lot of users will get excited about, but the changes Adobe has made to brush strokes and colors will definitely be appreciated as well. The update is available right now on the Google Play Store [download link], so if you use Photoshop Touch, be sure to give it a spin!