The naming of Samsung devices that aren’t flagship can sometimes be so confusing with so many numbers and letters involved sometimes. The Galaxy A series has targeted those who like premium features but aren’t ready to shell out premium prices for their smartphone so would like something a little lesser than the flagships. A leak on Weibo shows the 2018 model of the Galaxy A7, except it won’t be called Galaxy A7 (2016). If the leak is legit, then the new device will be called the Galaxy A8+ (2018).

Now we don’t know if this will be a new member of the A series, although there was a Galaxy A8 back in the first generation in 2015 and then in 2016. We also don’t know if there will be a Galaxy A8 (2018). All we know so far based on the leaked photos is that it has an Infinity display or in non-Samsung speak, a tall display, which is quite different from the Galaxy A7 (2017). The current flagships, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 have an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, but earlier leaks suggested that this will have a more conventional 18:9 ratio.

Other previous rumored information about the device, back when people still thought it was a Galaxy Ay (2018) is that it will have a fingerprint sensor at the back but in the center this time where it’s easier to reach. Another rumor is that it will be the first Samsung device to have a dual front-facing camera, to compete with all the other selfie-centered mid-range devices coming out of China.

We’ll probably see more leaks and rumors about the upcoming Galaxy A device, including when we can expect an official announcement.

VIA: GSM Arena