Every time a new flagship comes around, expect that there will be several variants of it coming out. It can be because consumers aren’t satisfied with the size and specs of it, or the OEM believes they can market the heck out of these various versions. As with its previous flagships, we’re expecting a mini version of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Pictures have now been leaked of the rumored variant, although Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed that there will indeed be a mini version.

A reader of a tech website has sent them pictures of the rumored device, and although they may be a little dark and grainy, it seems like the real deal. It has the same look and design of the flagship, up to the metal and glass frame. When it comes to its specs, not much has been said about it and the pictures don’t give anything away. But some of the rumors floating around is that it will run on Snapdragon 808 SoC and it will have either a 4.6 or 4.7” screen and a 720p resolution. It may also have a 2GB RAM and a 15MP main camera.

Some of the problems that face these “mini versions” of flagships is that since they are obviously smaller, they have to undergo a major hardware downgrade as well. And so consumers are left to choose between either size or performance, instead of having an option for a smaller device that is just as good or almost as good as the original. Probably the only one that has solved this dilemma is Sony Xperia Z and its compact versions.

We still have no idea when this supposed Samsung Galaxy S6 mini will be announced. But the upcoming August 14 launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus may be the perfect opportunity to announce this one too.

VIA: Phone Arena