For the most part, augmented reality (AR) apps are relegated to stickers and a few games at this point. But Photo Studio AR is a new app that could be able to help photographers experiment with poses, lighting, and setups using just their smartphone. The app was built in tandem with a Hollywood visual effects technician that also did some work with Snapchat, and now they are putting out an app that now allows photographers to place models, lights, and props inside any pre-shot image.

Photo Studio AR is developed by an outfit called Superba AR, and the idea is to help photographers set up studio settings on their phones and not having the model and the equipment be at the actual place. The app uses the smartphone’s camera and users can choose a model to place in the scene. According to the developer, these virtual models are all based on real people. There are features that allows for different poses from the virtual model, and they will even move around impatiently while you choose the rest of the set.

The app also features AR lighting, and they’ve included different types of studio lights and modifiers that can be arranged in whatever scene you choose. Users can even to adjust the direction of the sun. Light applied from AR sources hit models and props in the scene, resulting in shadows that could help photographers plan out their shoots.

Pretty good use of AR, but we’re thinking Photo Studio AR will need at least a robust midrange phone to get it to work as intended. Flagship phones should be able to run the app easily.

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