When Google announced their new Photo Sphere camera with Android Jelly Bean they didn’t put a lot of details out in the wild, but lately they’ve been giving it plenty of attention. Photo Sphere photos received a major overhaul in Android 4.3 and the entire processes is better, faster, and stitching was also improved. Now today they’ve released a how to video so we can all make perfect photos.

As we mentioned above, Google’s been giving this camera feature a little more attention as of late, and we’re all for it. Earlier this week Google launched a new photo sphere sharing community called “Views”, which was pretty neat, and now we can add and view them right in Google Maps.

Well, now today we have a quick and extremely simple to understand how to video showing everyone how to make the perfect photo sphere every time. I don’t know about you guys, but mine never turn out as good as I’d hoped. Take a peek below.

The important tips being that you should hold it close to your body, as well as do each angle one at a time in a full 360 degrees motion. Don’t just go crazy and look everywhere at random. Quick and simple circles are your best bet. Feel free to drop links in the comments to your best Photo Sphere, and let us know if this video was any help for your sphere skills.