Photo Mate app has just been updated. It’s now the Photo Mate R3 version that allows enhanced RAW photo editing and improved image organization. The app works as an efficient raw editor for Android that is easy to use and as the developer TS Systems describes it–non-destructive. This app is premium but you are free to test it for 24 hours. After the period, you will be required to pay some $8.09.

Photo Mate R3 allows you to view images in a more pleasant and organized view. You can see all the important information of each image from the ISO to aperture to exposure details. You can rate the images and view them side-by-side so it’s easier to choose the best photos.

The photo library Photo Mate allows filter and sorting of files. You can usually sort images by ISO, aperture, or camera model. To make things easier, you can set custom labels, keywords, and rating so you can quickly find what you’re looking for whenever you need it. RAW format is supported so you don’t have to worry¬†about image quality being downgraded.

You can always edit your images. You know that no matter what the claims of apps and brands are that cameras are improved, you will still need some editing. Post-processing isn’t bad just make sure you don’t overdo it. With Photo Mate R3, users aka mobile photographers can control the exposure and white balance. Auto-correction is also possible with editing tools. There’s the standard Exposure, Lights, Contrast, Clarist, Shadows, Vibrance, and any Lens-based adjustments you can use.

Some of the added features include Split-Toning. It’s a special selective sharpening tool that allows the use to create watermarks using Exif-data, PNG files, or text. With this update support for French and Italian has been added plus 50 new lens profiles can now be used.

If you previously paid for the Photo Mate R2, you can purchased this new version at a discounted rate.

VIA: Connect